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We were so happy...

At last, I've completed transition from 300 Gb drive to pair of 1Tb. Fast and silent hardware, that's what I like.
Simple procedure turned to nightmare (and - good morning, Vietnam!) - Windows7 is ruined, Windows XP is completely ruined, everything is ruined!!!1111

After almost 16 hours of YAROSTNOE DROCHILOVO I've got something: both systems are restored _almost_ succesfully. Windowseven works fine (activation is lost, I've cracked it already), but XP suffers from amnesia - she'd lost cyrillic support (?!): russian keyboard layout, russian language in dialogs, etc - everything dissapeared. I just can't reset layout switcher! trying to disable and enable it, without any positive result. Damn.
Tags: да будет свет и serial ATA, жопа
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