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So, it's happened

After months of media hype, an art school student who claimed he would have gay sex and lose his virginity as part of a live performance piece followed through with his plans -- though not in the way many expected.

Last October, Clayton Pettet, a 19-year-old art student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, announced that he would have sex in front of a crowd as part of a performance piece called "Art School Stole My Virginity."

At the time he stated, "I've held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I'm not throwing it away lightly. Basically it's like I am losing the stigma around virginity," according to the Daily Star. He added, "I want the audience to see if anything has changed between me and my partner."

Originally slated to take place in late January, the piece was later rescheduled for April 2 at the former BBC London headquarters, which now functions as a performance space.

Well... it happened. But Pettet definitely did not have anal sex as many were led to believe he would.

Instead, approximately 120 people reportedly packed the ticketed event and were then asked to insert a banana into Pettet's mouth a number of times.

А ещё был маленький скандальчик, связанный с тем, что этот анальный художник, собиравшийся лишиться прилюдно девственности, уже давно не художник девственник. Суммируя с вышесказанным, удивляюсь: почему возмущённые зрители перформанса не потребовали деньги взад обратно, ведь это же обман! и прилюдный анальный секс не состоялся, и не девственник, и вообще фигня какая-то.

P.S. интересно, что дальше.. прилюдное отрезание каких-нибудь болезненных частей тела? Прилюдная дефекация уже вроде была. Творческий ум не должен останавливаться!
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